European Geothermal PhD Days

This year, the European Geothermal PhD Days is organized by the PhD students of the EASYGO ITN. The event will take place between the 27th – 29th of April 2022, at the Ford-Saal conference room of RWTH Aachen.  

In this special edition, the students will be able to present their research, participate in networking events, and join on a geothermal field visit.

What is EGPD?

The European Geothermal PhD Days (EGPD) is an annual two-day training program organized by PhD students of different universities. Every year, between 50 and 80 young scientists from various research fields in geothermal energy come together to share knowledge and experience about this promising energy source.

EGPD’s Initiative

Europe is transitioning towards cleaner energy resources to establish a sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy system. Geothermal is critical for this transition since it provides a flexible baseload renewable source of energy. The challenges of sustainable geothermal operations require an interdisciplinary approach. Combining geoscientific and engineering solutions is essential for innovation at operational sites. Therefore, it is necessary to train the next generation of geothermal experts in order to develop and exploit the geothermal projects of tomorrow.


The first European Geothermal PhD-day (EGPD2010) was held at the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ – German Research Centre for Geosciences – on February 12th, 2010, as an initiative of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) joint program in geothermal energy. After 13 versions of the EGPD, more than 180 PhD students working on geothermal energy have participated. In total, participants working in 20 different European countries, and various scientific disciplines, have attended the two-day PhD-training program.

EGPD is a way to efficiently spread scientific knowledge related to geothermal energy by making an event that attracts young specialists. It emulates youth in geosciences and provides a framework to make connections in a qualitative way. It provides a dedicated and informal occasion for the PhD students to exchange with their pair and to develop their network.
The program will include:

  • Talks from geothermal experts
  • Poster and presentation sessions
  • Networking events
  • A geothermal site visit

For more information go to the official #EGPD 2022 website

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