EASYGO third Training Week at Politecnico di Milano, Italy

The 3rd EASYGO Training Week was organised by the EASYGO Project Management team together with Politecnico Milano, between the 22nd and 26th of May, 2023, in Volterra, Italy. Whereas the first training week focused mostly on an introduction to geothermal energy, geophysical techniques for exploration and monitoring and energy conversion technologies, and the second on Computational Geosciences, Inversion methods, Open-Source concepts, as well as hydraulic stimulation and CO2 geothermal techniques, the third training week focused on technical aspects of exploration and above-ground engineering and installations. The training week was complemented with course on communication and emotions at the workplace. As in the first two training weeks, the lectures were complemented with an extensive poster session, where all ESR students presented and discussed their work with co- Principal Investigators (co-PIs) from all universities. After the poster session, a social gathering completed the training week, with additional time for discussions in a friendly and informal environment.  Additionally, this Training Week offered the opportunity to visit the first geothermal power plant in the world in Larderello, Italy.

European Geothermal Congress, October 2022, Berlin, Germany

EASYGO team will present their work in the form of presentations and posters in different sessions. We will also present our project at the Geothermal Research and Innovation Booth together with eight other European projects. EASYGO team presented their work in the form of presentations and posters in different sessions. We also presented our project at the Geothermal Research and Innovation Booth together with eight other European projects. For more details of the booth and EGC ’22 pictures , go to https://eubooth.com/

EASYGO Geological Field Trip, September 2022, Elba, Italy

A five-day geological field trip to Elba, Italy was organized from 11 – 16 September 2022. The field trip was led by Prof. Domenico Liotta from University of Bari and co-organized by Paromita Deb from ETH Zurich. Elba is an exhumed (fossil) geothermal system of the currently active geothermal field, Larderello. The five-day field trip consisted of visiting various outcrops to understand the magmatic system, direction of hydrothermal fluid flow, distribution and structure of hydrothermal veins, fractures, and mineralization. EASYGO students from ETH Zurich, TU Delft and RWTH Aachen participated in this field with great enthusiasm. For students with non-Geology backgrounds, this was the first ever exposure to geology at field-scale, and a great opportunity to understand the relationships among geological structures at different scales.

EGPD – European Geothermal PhD Days, April 2022, Aachen, Germany

The European Geothermal PhD Days (EGPD) is an annual two-day training program organized by PhD students of different universities. Every year, between 50 and 80 young scientists from various research fields in geothermal energy come together to share knowledge and experience about this promising energy source. This year, the European Geothermal PhD Days was organized by the PhD students of the EASYGO ITN.In this special edition, the students were able to present their research, participate in networking events, and join on a geothermal field visit.

2nd EASYGO Training Week, April 2022, Aachen, Germany

2nd EASYGO Training Week took place in Aachen from 21st April until 26th April 2022

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1st  EASYGO Training Week, September 2021, Delft, Netherlands

1st  EASYGO Training Week took place in Delft from 6th September until 10th April 2022

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IDEA League Video

A video that shows you how we combine the strengths of four leading universities of science and technology in Europe in the IDEA League to connect, exchange and innovate. This episode is all about joining forces with ambitious colleagues and inspiring the next generation of excellent students across Europe.

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